Small Claims Court Services

Small Claims Court Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring to the initial consultation at the lawyer's office?

Please come 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time and bring:

  1. all the documents that support your claim;
  2. one page summary of what happened;
  3. a cheque or cash in the amount of $105, which includes 5% GST.

Where your office is located?

The office is located at the intersection of Yonge and Norton streets, 2 minute walk north of North York Centre subway. Please visit the Directions to the Office link to find the parking and TTC locations.

What are the lawyer's fees for representation in Small Claims Court proceedings?

Instead of charging you my regular hourly rate of $250 per hour, I always quote you with the amount of your fixed fees in advance. For example, the cost of initial consultation is $100, the fixed fee for the preparation of a simple claim or defence is $500, cost ot attendance of settlement conference at Toronto Small Claims Court $400.

Can you represent me in claims over $25,000 and on appeal? Are you a Lawyer or Paralegal?

I am a lawyer admitted to practice at every level of Ontario judicial system, including Small Claims Court, Divisional Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Canada. I hold a Bachelor of Laws degree from Osgoode Hall Law School. I am not an agent, paralegal or student-at-law. I am not assigning your case to a student at law, paralegal, law clerk or agent- what you get is legal expertise of a litigation lawyer lawyer who advised and represented clients in more than 200 matters heard before the Small Claims Courts in Toronto region.

Are you affiliated with Small Claims Courts?

No, I am a lawyer member of Law Society of Upper Canada and a litigation lawyer with law firm of Garfin Zeidenberg LLP, one of the largest law firms in North York.

Do you provide after hours and weekend consultations?

It is possible to schedule the consultations after hours.

What is the limitation period to initiate a legal action in Ontario?

Generally, a party must initiate legal action within 2 years after the claim is discovered. The rule is subject to numerous exceptions and judicial interpretations that must be discussed with the lawyer immediately after you discovered the claim. For example, a party whose injury was caused by disrepair of municipal road must give a notice to municipality within just a few days after the accident.