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"Specialized in expeditious and cost-effective court litigation solutions, Toronto lawyer Timokhov provides clients with representation before Small Claims Courts (claims under $25,000), as well as before Superior Courts (claims over $25,000) and appellate courts ."

oronto lawyer Sergiy Timokhov is dedicated to deliver results before Toronto Small Claims Court, Richmond Hill, Barrie and Brampton Small Claims Courts. In 2003-2004, the lawyer worked as an Osgoode Hall Law School duty counsel at Toronto Small Claims Court. After obtaining his license with Law Society of Upper Canada in 2008, the lawyer completed hundreds of cases before Superior Courts of Justice, Small Claims Courts and various administrative tribunals. The lawyer also has significant experience in appealing trial court decisions to Divisional Court and Ontario Court of Appeal.

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The lawyer provides the following services before Small Claims Courts and other courts in Toronto area:

-legal advice and consultations on court procedures;

-attendance of settlement conferences, motions and trials;

-professional preparation of plaintiffs claims, defences, affidavits, motion records and other court documents;

 -appeals of Small Claims Court decisions to Divisional Court;

-representation of clients before Superior Court of Justice matters in claims over $25,000.


The lawyer is an independent legal practitioner sharing office accommodations with , Toronto law firm  of 16 lawyers practicing law since 1976.  The law office is located at the intersection of Yonge and Empress, minutes from North York subway and Toronto Small Claims Court.




General Information

  • Jurisdiction of Small Claims Courts in Ontario.
  • Overview of Small Claims Court procedure and lawyer's fees.
  • More about Toronto lawyer Sergiy Timokhov.
  • Lawyer representation in claims of $25,000 and more (over Small Claims Court jurisdiction).
  • Appeal Small Claims Court judgment.


Toronto Star Small Claims Court article

On September 23, 2010, Toronto Star quoted Sergiy in Peter Small's article "The growing world of small claims".

September 2010 issue of legal magazine "Precedent" quoted Sergiy  in Jennifer Wellington's article "People's court".

On December 11, 2009, "Lawyers Weekly" quoted the lawyer in its article "Major changes coming to Ontario's small claims courts".

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in independent legal practice- sharing office with
trial lawyers, court lawyers, appeal court lawyers

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Claims in excess of $25,000



Typically, the lawyer provides the following services to the Small Claims Court plaintiffs and defendants:

1. Consultation on Small Claims Court Procedure.

2. Preparation of a Small Claims Court Claims or Defences.

  • legal advice on strength and weaknesses of your Small Claims Court case;
  •  explanation of Small Claims Court procedures and
  •  two copies of the court form for the next step of your Small Claims Court procedure.

The lawyer encourages self-represented litigants to consult the lawyer for clarification of the judicial process or reviewing the pleadings.

Cost of one (1) hour consultation on Small Claims Court procedure is $113 (incl. 13% HST). Unfortunately, the lawyer is not able to provide the potential clients with free consultations.

Lawyer interviews the client about the relevant facts, researches the precedents and prepares Small Claims Court plaintiff's claims, defendant's claims or defences.

The lawyer cannot underestimate the importance of well prepared claim and defence.  After all, those are the documents that Small Claims judges read the first.

Please schedule an initial consultation ($113 fee including HST) to discuss the cost of preparation of your Small Claims Court claim or defence.

3. Attendance of  Small Claims Court Trial, Motions and Settlement Conference.

4. Appealing your Small Claims Court judgment and claims in excess of  $25,001+.

Potential client may hire the lawyer  to attend Small Claims Court motions, trials or settlement Conference. 

During the trial, the lawyer examines the client before Small Claims Court judge, cross-examines the opponent and advises the Small Claims Court on the law applicable to the resolution of the claim.

Please schedule an initial consultation ($113 fee including HST) to discuss the cost of attendance of Small Claims Court trial, motion or settlement conference.
The lawyer represents clients in bringing claims (or defending claims) in excess of Small Claims Court maximum monetary jurisdiction of $25,000 to Superior Court of Justice (General Division). 

The lawyer welcomes potential clients to discuss the merits of appealing Small Claims Court judgment (or responding to the appeal) to Divisional Court.

Please schedule an initial consultation ($113 including HST) to discuss the cost of your Small Claims Court appeal or representation before Superior Court (General Division).

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