Small Claims Court Services

Scheduling a Small Claims Court Consultation

Please call 416-575-2090 to request a quote on your Small Claims Court representation and to schedule one hour consultation to review your documents and to obtain legal advice on Small Claims Court law and procedure. The cost of the consultation is $100 plus 13% GST, including Small Claims Court forms and printouts of the excerpts from the Small Claims Court rules where such are necessary. The lawyer is able to schedule after hours or weekend consultation or an urgent consultation, where such is necessary.

Please note that the lawyer does not provide legal advice on the Small Claims Court procedure on the phone.

Please click here to view the lawyer's Google profile and for the directions to the lawyer's office.

The lawyer asks clients to bring the following documents to the initial Small Claims Court Procedure Consultation.

  1. one page summary of your case;
  2. all the relevant documents and evidence;
  3. in accordance with the recent requirements of Law Society of Upper Canada, a piece of photo Id;
  4. the full names of the parties to the proceedings and the capacity in which they sue or are sued;
  5. the name, address, telephone number and the facsimile number of the preceding lawyer;
  6. cheque or cash in the amount of $113 for the initial consultation.

All the information shared with the lawyer is confidential and is protected by lawyer-client privilege.